Humour that Hits Home: 8 Strategies to Infuse your Digital Content with Laughter

In this guide, we'll unveil uproarious secrets to inject humour into your digital content, ensuring it stands out from the crowd, so get ready to embark on a laughter-filled journey that will leave your audience ‘ROFL’-ing and your brand on the path to success.


Henry Martin

4/4/20235 min read


By blending humour and relatability, your memes will spread like wildfire, increasing your brand's visibility and reach. Just remember to stay away from controversial or offensive content to maintain a positive image.


Incorporating humour into your digital content can be a game-changer, elevating your brand's visibility, engagement, and connection with your audience.

By mastering the art of memes, creating comic content collisions, embracing prankvertising, riding the wave of pop culture, and unleashing social media shenanigans, you'll bring laughter to the forefront of your marketing efforts.

So go forth, embrace the power of humour, and watch your digital content thrive with laughter!

8. Analytical Laughter: Measure the Mirth

Track the impact of humour on your digital content by analysing key metrics and performance indicators.

Monitor user engagement, conversion rates, and audience growth to gauge the success of your humorous strategies.

Look for patterns and insights that highlight the effectiveness of humour in driving desired outcomes.

Adjust your approach based on the data and feedback received to continuously refine and optimise your comedic content. Remember, laughter is not just about entertainment but also a powerful tool to connect with your audience and achieve marketing objectives.

Infuse your SEO strategy with comedic brilliance to elevate your search engine rankings.

Craft meta titles and descriptions that tickle search engine spiders' funny bones while effectively summarising your content.

Use humorous keywords inspired by trending events, ensuring your content receives more clicks than a comedy club on a Friday night.

Maintain a balance between humour and optimisation to remain accessible and relevant.

7. Stand-Up SEO: Crafting Keyword Comedy

Tap into the absurdity of trending hashtags to elevate your content's visibility and reach.

Seamlessly integrate peculiar hashtags inspired by noteworthy events into your posts, capitalizing on the buzz and inviting engagement.

However, always stay relevant to your brand and target audience, ensuring the humour aligns with your overall messaging strategy. When you ride the wave of trending tropes, you'll increase your content's discoverability and boost engagement.

6. Trending Tropes: Harness the Power of Absurdity

Embrace the playful nature of social media by engaging with followers through creative and mischievous antics. Organise contests, create humorous polls, or share entertaining behind-the-scenes content.

Remember to maintain a positive and inclusive tone, fostering a sense of community and encouraging user-generated content. By embracing social media shenanigans, you'll cultivate a loyal and engaged following.

5. Social Media Shenanigans: Embrace Playfulness

Harnessing the power of pop culture can be a great way to engage with a wider audience. By creating clever parodies that reflect the quirkiest news events of the year, you can satirise trends, movies, or celebrity mishaps to generate laughter and capitalise on the buzz. This approach can help your brand showcase its relevance and connect with a broader audience.

However, it is essential to ensure that your parodies are respectful and comply with copyright laws. You do not want to offend anyone or face any legal issues. Therefore, it is crucial to be creative yet cautious and make sure that your content is both amusing and appropriate. By being innovative and following the rules, you can create parodies that are not only funny but also effective in promoting your brand.

4. Pop Culture Parodies: Ride the Wave of Entertainment

3. Prankvertising: Make Marketing a Mischievous Game

Inject an element of playful mischief into your marketing campaigns by incorporating pranks that surprise and delight your audience.

Execute light-hearted practical jokes that put a smile on customers' faces, always prioritising their experience and avoiding any harm or discomfort. By infusing humour into your marketing efforts, you'll create memorable experiences that strengthen brand loyalty and encourage engagement.

It doesn't always have to be funny content to make it prankvertising. You could take inspiration from WestJet's incredible Christmas giving 'prank' for their airline customers at Christmas. Adverts like these offer wholesome content used in also somewhat humorous and mischievous way and have improved WestJet's standing as an airline operator and their customers overall.

Infuse your digital content with whimsical storytelling that merges your brand's narrative with comically strange events of the day.

Create humorous scenarios featuring unlikely characters or situations that tickle the imagination. By juxtaposing reality with absurdity, you'll captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression.

Ensure your content aligns with your brand's values and resonates with your target audience to foster a strong connection, and make sure you use a consistent tone of voice when communicating with your customers.

2. Comic Content Collisions: Blend Reality and Absurdity

1. Meme Mastery: Elevate Social Media Virality with a Twist

Gucci using meme marketing in their social media marketing strategy
Gucci using meme marketing in their social media marketing strategy

This can help to get your message across in an absurd way that draw attention. If you are thinking of using a comic character within your digital content. Of course, it's always first important to consider the image and narrative you want to create for your business to help you stand out in the forte rumore in the everyday digital world and competitors.

Brands can sometimes get this image or narrative really wrong as we all know, which can damage their reputation but don't be frightened to go create wilder content than you would usually do! There are lots of opportunities to do attention drawing and funny marketing campaigns in more subtle ways.

Some businesses use a brand mascot in their marketing strategies, take for example Gio Compario from GoCompare's fortissimo (although somewhat repetitive) adverts. This advert blends the dull topic of insurance (reality) with a pompous opera singer who ends up in humorous situations (absurdity).

While many marketers would steer clear of this form of marketing, it can work if used in the correct way. Personally, I don't suggest using memes as the primary/main image of your social media posts.

Instead, you can use memes within the comments section. This is particularly useful when responding to customers who might be aiming a shot at your brand or perhaps those customers who leave a positive comment in a positive way.

Major fashion brand Gucci have incorporated memes into their social media marketing sparingly and to great effect.

Master the art of memes to catapult your brand into the viral stratosphere. Keep an eye on the latest absurd news events and cleverly integrate them into memes that tickle funny bones worldwide.

Remember - just don't cross the line when using memes in marketing and most important - use them sparingly!

Insurance companies love opting for absurd characters, as they can make the dull reality of insurance, more fun.

WestJet's use of humour in this video advert, in which they surprise a whole aircraft full of customers with a load of Christmas gifts at baggage reclaim, is a great use of prankvertising within their digital content strategy.