Maritec PTE

Part of Centre Testing International (CTI) Group

  • Formulated, managed and executed the SEO and content strategy in English.

  • Tripled the amount of website traffic on the English website from 1000 visitors per month to ~3000 average visitors per month.

  • Decreased average bounce rate whilst increased average session duration time.

  • Increased followings on social media channels 300 > 1200 followers on LinkedIn in 6 months.

  • Set up social channels and trained the client on social media and content production process to allow them to produce content ad hoc, themselves.

SEO, Social Media Management, Consulting, Google Analytics


May 2021 - November 2022


Freelance Digital Marketing Specialist


Maritec, Centre Testing International Group

Maritec PTE Ltd. are a Maritime Environmental Consultancy company based in Singapore which provides a comprehensive range of fuel inspection, testing, certification and consultancy services to the marine sector. They offer a range of asbestos management removal services on a local level in Singapore.



Broadly speaking, my objectives were to:

  • Encourage greater consideration of Maritec as the marine service supplier of choice among ship captains and shipping logistics companies.

  • Increase the LinkedIn followers to 1000 and grow social media presence on other social platforms.

  • Devise and train the Maritec marketing team on creating a process-driven digital content strategy so that they could bring their digital marketing operations in-house.

  • Re-write and interpret poorly translated text on all pages of the website.

  • Devise and execute an SEO strategy, by building keyword matrices and carrying out monthly audits and implementing the changes on their website to analyse results.


Increase quality and volume of SEO traffic from organic sources

I was limited by what I could do within the CMS of the website because it was a bespoke system with multiple APIs. I therefore set about improving the on-page SEO of the website - increasing the audit score from a F grade to a 'B' grade in just a few months. I also worked with their 3rd party IT agency to improve the technical SEO aspects such as site crawling and site performance.

This resulted in a significant increase of important KPIs like the number of 'Organic Sessions' which came from the and 'Average Session Durations' from the newly written on-page content whilst simultaneously working with the developer to improve site speed and some UX making for a better searcher experience.

Average number of monthly sessions from organic SEO May 2021

Average page speed score from Google PageSpeed Insights(mobile and desktop combined).

Average increase in dwell time on the 'news' section of the Maritec website in minutes/seconds.



Average number of monthly sessions from organic SEO May 2022



"We worked with Henry to overhaul our website content, whilst optimising it for SEO. He played a key part in developing our digital content strategy across social media platforms and started all our accounts for us. He put a process in place for digital content production through his consultancy."

- Ken Zhang, Marketing Manager, CTI-Maritec


Streamlining the social media production process

Maritec wanted to come up with a process for developing content on both their social media channels and on their website which is best achieved by delivering engaging content, consistently.

I also emphasised the need for them to build up more of a brand identity and better visuals, to make the content more attention-grabbing. To do this, I incorporated greater use of their brand colours and logo within social media posts to encourage better brand memory so that when mariners were in the Singapore ports they would consider Maritec as their first choice marine service centre.